Pearl Jam is offering listeners an early preview of their upcoming album, Dark Matter, by playing it in select movie theaters around the world for one night only on April 16.

According to the band's social media, the album will be played in its entirety twice, once in darkness and then again with added visuals.

Tickets are now available via Pearl Jam's website.

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So far, two tracks from the album have been released, "Dark Matter" and, most recently, "Running."

"Jeff [Ament] had the main parts for that one, and we worked it over as a band," guitarist Stone Gossard said to Spin earlier this month, speaking about "Running." "I love the bridge. I don't know what the hell those chords are that Mike [McCready]'s playing, but it sounds original. It's one of the last ones we recorded at Shangri-La, and it was fun to come up with one more uptempo song. [Eddie Vedder's] vocal dexterity here and on a few other spots on the album is just stunning."

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In addition to releasing their new album, Pearl Jam also has a busy year of touring ahead of them. They'll launch a global tour on May 4, just a few weeks after Dark Matter arrives. The tour will stop in several major American cities — Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Boston among them — and also travel overseas for shows in the U.K. and Europe.

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