Paul Simon has curated a new, two-disc collection called 'Songwriter.' For the set, Simon selected 32 songs and performances that demonstrate how he has evolved as a musician and as a songwriter, from his humble beginnings in the 1960s through current day. It will include well- known hits, as well as more obscure offerings. Simon has said, "I think of myself as a songwriter first, the recording artist and performer in me follow in the writer's footsteps."

Simon & Garfunkel staples like 'The Boxer' will be included alongside much newer material, including songs culled from his recent solo albums, such as the title cut of his recently released 'So Beautiful or So What.' The previously unreleased version of 'The Sound of Silence,' which Simon performed at New York City's Webster Hall this year, will also be included. Another of the coolest nuggets on the album is Aretha Franklin's studio version of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.'

'Songwriter' is set to drop on Oct. 24, just 11 days after the singer – we mean songwriter- turns 70.

Track listing:

Disc 1
'The Sound of Silence (Live at Webster Hall 2011)' - new unreleased
'The Boxer - Paul Simon - Live Central Park
'Bridge Over Troubled Water' - Aretha Franklin - studio version
'Mother And Child Reunion'
'Peace Like a River'
'American Tune'
'Something So Right'
'Late in the Evening'
'Train in the Distance'
'Hearts and Bones'
'Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War'
'Still Crazy After All These Years'
'Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes'
'The Boy in the Bubble'

Disc 2
'Obvious Child'
'Further to Fly'
'The Cool, Cool River'
'Spirit Voices'
'Born in Puerto Rico'
'Darling Lorraine'
'Look at That'
'Senorita With A Necklace Of Tears'
'That's Me'
'Another Galaxy'
'Father and Daughter'
'Rewrite '
'Love And Hard Times'
'So Beautiful or So What'