Recent court dates notwithstanding, longtime spouses Paul Simon and Edie Brickell are still making beautiful music together, and they have the new song to prove it.

On April 30, just days after the two were arrested in the aftermath of a domestic dispute, Brickell uploaded a new duet with Simon, titled 'Like to Get to Know You,' to her Soundcloud account. Part of her ongoing Song of the Day project, which finds the impressively prolific Brickell sharing -- you guessed it -- a song a day, 'Get to Know You' is a sweetly melodic, acoustic mid-tempo number offering an admirably clear-eyed (and, considering the circumstances, well-timed) appraisal of the many bumps in the road partners tend to face over time. Admitting jealousy over other couples seeming ability to get along perfectly, the song turns it all around in the chorus, which includes the line "I wouldn’t trade places with anyone, none of them / 'Cause I’d like to get to know you again."

Simon and Brickell have recorded together relatively rarely over the course of their 22-year marriage, although they've been known to perform as a live duo on occasion -- and in 2008, Brickell formed a duo project with Simon's son Harper, dubbed the Heavy Circles, with one self-titled album currently to its credit. More recently, Brickell and Simon the elder collaborated on the song 'Pretty Day' for a charity compilation, and in a 2012 interview with USA Today, he teased an upcoming full-length collection of duets between the two, calling it "a variant of Americana, a cross between the Carter Family and swamp."

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