In honor of Paul McCartney, we've put together the a collection of photographs of the legendary rocker spanning the years 1948 through the present.

Below you'll see the child and teenage McCartney, through his years with the Beatles, Wings and beyond. Along the way you'll discover how his hairstyles have evolved, from the iconic Beatles mop top, which began during the group's time in Hamburg, to the shorter variations he's had in more recent years, with more than a few mullets tried out along the way.

Numerous women also appear on his arm, including Jane Asher, his girlfriend during the early Beatles years; the three women he's married: Linda Eastman, Heather Mills and Nancy Shevell; and also Pamela Anderson. The two haven't been romantically linked; it was an event for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which they have both supported for many years.

We've also included many performance shots, showing off how many instruments he plays. You'll see him at a piano, with an acoustic guitar or even a mandolin. But the most common instrument you'll see is the Hofner violin bass that he began playing in 1961. The main reasons he bought it? It was much cheaper than a Fender and its symmetrical design didn't look strange when the left-handed McCartney turned it upside down!

Even as he gets older, the iconic rocker has shown no signs of slowing down. With albums of new material, reissues, tours, documentaries and more, Paul McCartney continues to prove he's one of a kind.

Paul McCartney Through the Years: 1948-2023 Photos

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