London's Twickenham Film Studios, used for movies like the Beatles' 'A Hard Day’s Night' and 'Help!' as well as many modern flicks, has run into financial trouble and faces closure just one year shy of its 100th anniversary.

Now many luminaries, including Sir Paul McCartney himself, have joined a campaign to save the legendary facility.

On the Save Twickenham Film Studios website, McCartney wrote:

I have many fond memories of working at Twickenham Studios, having worked on Beatles films there. It’s a fine example of a British film studio and it would be a great loss if it were to have nothing more to do with the British film industry.

In addition, Richard Lester, director of the Beatles' movies and many others that utilized the Twickenham facilities, said, “In 1963, while looking for a studio to film the first Beatles film, we came upon Twickenham and soon realized that it provided the perfect facilities for our needs ... It would be a great shame if these qualities that [I've] enjoyed for nearly 50 unbroken years could not also benefit a new generation of filmmakers.”

Interior scenes for the Beatles' films were shot on stages within the studios, and the Fab Four also used the rehearsal rooms there while prepping to record their final studio album, 1970's 'Let It Be.'

Most recently, Steven Spielberg shot part of his epic saga 'War Horse' at Twickenham, and the film that gave Meryl Streep her most recent Oscar, the Margaret Thatcher biopic 'The Iron Lady,' used its post-production facilities as well.

Spielberg and actor Colin Firth have joined McCartney in the 'Save Twickenham' campaign, but unless the necessary funds can be raised to keep it open, it'll close its doors for good in June.

That said, supporters got a bit of good news last week -- a property development group that was going to buy and demolish the studios has withdrawn its bid, saying it said it wants to give film consortiums a chance to purchase and maintain the site instead.

Watch a Scene from the Beatles' 'A Hard Day's Night' Filmed at Twickenham Studios