We've known for awhile that Paul McCartney would be continuing his series of catalog reissues with a deluxe version of 1971's 'Ram,' but now details are starting to surface regarding the release -- and we could see the results on store shelves before summer.

McCartney certainly seems to be in a nostalgic frame of mind these days: he's offering a reproduction of his 1971 single 'Another Day/Oh Woman, Oh Why' on 7" vinyl for this year's Record Store Day event on April 21. And according to a report at the Second Disc, the official label information reads, "this exclusive reissue single is taken from the forthcoming Paul McCartney Archive Collection edition of 'Ram' coming this spring!"

According to another report, we can expect to see the 'Ram' reissue as soon as May -- and it looks like it'll come in a variety of configurations, including an "ultra deluxe edition" that could conceivably pack in even more material than the "three-CD, one-DVD set that has been in the works for over a year."

That's a heck of a lot more content than McCartney fans were treated to with the 1993 'Ram' reissue, which tacked on 'Another Day' and 'Oh Woman, Oh Why' as bonus tracks. Have you been waiting for an "ultra deluxe" 'Ram' -- and if so, what are you hoping to hear (and see) in this package?

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