We've got just over a month until Paul McCartney treats us to the expanded deluxe reissue of 'Ram,' but while you're counting down the days until your copy of the box set arrives on your doorstep, you can watch a new promotional video in which Sir Paul reflects on the recording of the album.

"I was in the middle of this horrendous Beatles break-up. It was like being in quicksand," recalls McCartney in the clip, looking back on the chaos surrounding the end of the world's biggest band. Nursing his wounds, McCartney at first felt pressure to record something that could stand up to the the Beatles' biggest hits -- and then he decided to take a different approach.

"The lightbulb went off one day and we realized that we could run off and go to Scotland where we loved," he remembers. "Just to keep myself amused, I'd just make up stuff on the guitar. Instead of thinking 'after the Beatles this has got to be important,' I thought 'maybe this is the way to go, just have fun with it.'"

Clearly McCartney took the right approach, given that we're still here talking about 'Ram' more than 40 years later. Have a look at the video, embedded below -- and if you want to see more, make sure you pony up for what the uploader calls the "super-dooper-deluxe edition" of the reissue, because that's the version that includes 'Ramming,' the full-length documentary it is drawn from.

Watch Paul McCartney's 'Ram' Preview Trailer