You can add Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills to the list of people who seem to think he's been expanding his list of collaborators in an effort to remain relevant.

Mills, who went through a publicly nasty split from McCartney after their 2002-08 marriage, weighed in on the subject during a recent appearance on Ireland's The Late Late Show. After insisting that she didn't want the interview to be all about her ex and saying she found the subject "so boring," Mills still found herself drawn in after host Ryan Tubridy suggested that she probably has to field questions about their relationship on a regular basis.

When Tubridy argued that more people are interested in the subject than she realizes, Mills said, "No, they're not. That's the thing. If I go down the street, all I get is kids coming up to me. Half of them don't even know who he is. That's why he's got to do songs with Rihanna and Kanye West, so people remember."

Whatever the reasons for McCartney's growing series of recordings with West, the gambit seems to have worked: As previously reported, "FourFiveSeconds," his song with West and Rihanna, has given him his biggest hit in roughly three decades, and it's exposed him to a whole new generation of listeners.

According to Mills, however, most people she meets are really interested in what she's done with her career — which, she reminded her host, included a list of accomplishments that's impressive enough in its own right. "When I go down the street," she told Tubridy, "It's 'Oh my god! You're a ski-racer,' or 'You help the animals.' You know," Mills added, "I own the biggest vegan company in the world."

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