As the world celebrated the passage of 2014 into 2015, hip-hop star Kanye West surprised everybody by dropping a new song on the stroke of midnight. The track, ‘Only One,’ features keyboard and vocal contributions by Sir Paul McCartney.

With McCartney’s ’70s-era Fender Rhodes piano sound in the foreground, West gives parental advice to his daughter, North. “Hello, my only one / Remember who you are / No, you’re not perfect but you’re not your mistakes.”

West's wife, Kim Kardashian, added some insight into the song in an Instagram post. “Everyone asks me what my favorite Kanye song is. It's ‘Only One.’ Kanye felt like his mom was singing thru him to our daughter. This song makes me cry every time I hear it.“ West’s mother, Donda, died from complications during surgery in November 2007, six years before North was born.

Back in August, rumors began circulating that West was trying to recruit McCartney. Tabloids in the U.K. reported that the rapper had been seen backstage at McCartney’s concert in Los Angeles and an unnamed source said it was a strong possibility.

‘Only One’ can be purchased at iTunes.

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