The video for Paul McCartney's song 'Early Days' begins and ends with a few seconds of the rock legend and several other musicians playing some 12-bar blues. Today (Sept. 5), McCartney released a 30-minute behind-the-scenes clip (embedded above) of the jam session.

McCartney, about six blues musicians and actor Johnny Depp -- who appears in the video -- trade verses and solos one one song for about 13-and-a-half minutes. McCartney more or less defers to the others, sticking to rhythm guitar and not singing a lead vocal until contributing a verse at the nine-minute mark. Depp doesn't sing but strums along enthusiastically.

On the second, he takes the point, turning Carl Perkins' 'Matchbox,' which the Beatles recorded in 1964, into a John Lee Hooker-esque boogie. There are three other songs played in the video before they put their guitars down.

The video for 'Early Days' appears to be set in the rural South in the 1950s, with Depp befriending a couple of aspiring young guitar players. It can be viewed below.

Watch the Video for 'Early Days'

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