Paul McCartney's Monday night (May 6) show in Goiania, Brazil was swarmed -- literally -- by thousands of uninvited, non-paying attendees, but McCartney didn't seem to mind.

Of course, we aren't talking about just any old gate-crashers. As reported by McCartney's official site, the show attracted hordes of the Esperanca Grilo, a.k.a. the "hope grasshopper," which tested the former Beatle's vaunted love of all creatures great and small by surrounding him with a buggy crowd that "at times covered Paul from head to toe."

Undaunted, McCartney continued to perform, even going so far as to name the grasshopper on his shoulder 'Harold' and dedicating a key passage from 'Hey Jude' in its honor. As his site's report points out, "Whilst performing 'Hey Jude,' Paul turned to Harold whilst singing, 'the movement you need is on your shoulder,' and said to the crowd, 'It certainly is now.'"

The grasshopper incident proved a fun footnote for one of the early dates on McCartney's new Out There Tour, which will send him across six countries with a new-and-improved set list containing a handful of never-performed-live songs, including 'Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!' and 'All Together Now.' Check out another photo and footage from the Goiania show below.