It's been six years since Paul McCartney released an album of original material. But according to his longtime drummer Abe Laboriel, Jr., the former Beatle has written plenty of new songs since then.

Telling the Boston Globe that McCartney kicked off sessions for his next LP with "a wealth of material," Laboriel hinted that whenever the new collection of songs is completed, it could end up being one of McCartney's more eclectic efforts.

"It’s exciting," he told the paper. "A lot of different styles. It’s very youthful -- aggressively rock at times, and singer-songwriter, insular and intimate, at others."

It's the latest in a series of McCartney records that Laboriel has been a part of, starting with 2001's 'Driving Rain,' which he says was recorded during a period when McCartney -- coping with the recent death of his wife Linda -- "wanted to start fresh ... I think he just wanted to see what was out there." These days, said Laboriel, "Even if he’s making a little fruit salad, he’s humming a tune or whistling away. The music doesn’t stop around him. It’s beautiful."

In the meantime, Laboriel and the band have a string of concert dates with their famous boss. McCartney may be the senior member of the group, but that doesn't mean he's getting tired. "He has boundless energy," said Laboriel. "At the end of an almost three-hour show, I’m completely wiped out. I’ve run the marathon. It’s amazing -- he’s still bouncing around."