The auction house that tried to sell some gullible soul a piece of what was supposedly George Harrison's half-eaten toast is still the weirdest music memorabilia sale we've ever heard of -- but this one comes pretty close to topping the list.

NME reports that the door from Paul McCartney's childhood home went up for auction this week, fetching the princely sum of 5,000 pounds -- nearly $7,700 at current exchange rates. An auctioneer involved with the sale called it a "serious price" and admitted, "It is an odd thing to offer, and a curious thing to put a value on."

According to the Scotsman, the McCartneys moved into the Liverpool home in 1955 and moved out in 1964, when it was sold to a woman "who acted as an unofficial ambassador for Beatles fans who came from around the world to visit the house." She refurbished the house in the '70s, replacing the door and selling it to a singer named Glen South, who turned around and sold it -- but then bought it back and kept it behind his sofa for years.

Reports haven't identified the door's new owner, referring to the winner simply as a "phone bidder." But the auction house is understandably pleased with the purchase price, which matches its high estimate. "It came down to three people bidding against each other," an auctioneer was quoted as saying. "We’re very happy with the result."

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