Paul McCartney staged a surprise return to his hometown on Saturday (June 9) when he performed at the Philharmonic pub in Liverpool, U.K. for a select audience. The appearance seemed to be part of a TV feature recorded with James Corden, presumably for The Late Show.

The Liverpool Echo reported that TV firm SRO Audiences had earlier advertised for locals to join the audience for an exclusive concert with a “global superstar.” Some of those who attended reported that McCartney had performed a set that included Beatles tracks, and that Corden had been present.

The BeatlesInLondon blog reported that “Love Me Do,” “I Wanna Be Your Man,” “Back in the USSR,” “Birthday,” “I’ve Got a Feeling” and “Hey Jude” were amongst the songs delivered. Before the show he and Corden were spotted in Penny Lane, at McCartney’s old home in Forthlin Road and at the Beatles statue at Pier Head. After the pair were seen in a car together on Allerton Road, it was speculated that they’d recorded an episode of Carpool Karaoke.

In 2015 McCartney explained why he loved returning to Liverpool, saying: “I sometimes hear myself in interviews, going, ‘I’m just an ordinary guy, really.’ And I think they go away and think, ‘Did he really say he was an ordinary guy?’ Cos there’s a lot of evidence to the contrary. No ordinary guy is as famous as I am. Or has the money I’ve got. So, difficult to claim you’re ordinary. But inside I feel ordinary, and inside is where I come from. … I go back to Liverpool, I really like the earthiness: ‘A’right Paul? I don’t like that jacket, where d’yer get that? Fuckin’ ’ell!’ I just go, ‘Yeahhh, fuck off.’ I’m comfortable there, I’m not as happy when it’s [well-bred voice] ‘Hello Paul, really super jacket. From Paul Smith’s?’ I just don’t seem to get on as well with those people.”

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