San Francisco's Candlestick Park played a key role in the history of the Beatles, so it's only fitting that when the stadium shuts down later this year, Paul McCartney will be there to help Bay Area residents say goodbye.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that McCartney will headline the last-ever show at Candlestick, scheduled for August 14 -- something of a scheduling coup for the venue, which had been involved in a tug-of-war with longtime residents the San Francisco 49ers, who wanted him to play at their new home in nearby Santa Clara.

When McCartney takes the stage on August 14, it'll mark the second historic Candlestick performance of his career: The Beatles walked away from touring after playing at the stadium on August 29, 1966. "Sir Paul McCartney is a class act, and I am very grateful that he's coming back to Candlestick to help us give this iconic landmark the goodbye it deserves," enthused San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. "To add a concert like this, one that's not only just great on a purely entertainment level, but one that is rooted in the city's history and musical history, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event."

Although it apparently seemed as though McCartney might go the other way -- one insider described the new stadium as "a bright, new, shiny penny" -- the 49ers organization is being publicly gracious about the way things turned out. "We are excited to hear that Paul McCartney will play the final concert ever at Candlestick Park," said team spokesman Bob Lange. "It is sure to be a great event for the entire Bay Area, and we are pleased to provide support in any way we can."

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