During a live chat on Twitter earlier today, Paul McCartney shared a previously unreleased version of the 1976 song 'Beware My Love' featuring John Bonham on drums. The song comes from the upcoming expanded reissue of the No. 1 Wings album 'Wings at the Speed of Sound.'

'Beware My Love' was one of the few true rock songs on an album filled with lighter pop tunes, like the hits 'Let 'Em In' and 'Silly Love Songs.' The original version runs six and a half minutes and includes Wings drummer Joe English on the kit. The previously unreleased take is a minute shorter and, more importantly, features the Led Zeppelin wild man.

You can listen to this version in McCartney's tweet right here.

'Wings at the Speed of Sound' comes out on Nov. 4 along with an expanded reissue of 1975's 'Venus and Mars,' which also went to No. 1. Both albums include a bonus disc of material from the era, like B-sides, outtakes, alternate takes and demos.

The Bonham version of 'Beware My Love' appears in a rougher form than the finished version of the song. The drummer later showed up on two songs on the last Wings album, 1979's 'Back to the Egg.'

In addition to sharing the premiere of the song, which is now available for purchase on iTunes, McCartney spent his Twitter chat discussing his early rock 'n' roll influences, favorite TV shows and, um, tweaking. He also replied to alt-country singer-songwriter Ryan Adams' question as to whether he was an alien.

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