Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell weren't aware they were within two feet of a terrible helicopter accident this past spring until after the chopper was safely on the ground. The Daily Mail reports the couple were being flown home, when the pilot became disoriented by the bad weather and nearly caught the tree tops surrounding his chopper pad.

Poor weather in East Sussex lead to the May 2012 incident, which is now being investigated. The pilot realized his altimeter read two feet, meaning he was just 24 inches from a fixed object, in this case the trees. He pulled up and opted to land at the nearby Lydd Airport in Kent instead of at the McCartney compound.

The chopper was a chartered Sikorsky S-76C with nine seats, weighing over five tons. The Daily Mail writes that neither the 70-year-old singer or the 52-year-old Shevell were aware how close they came to an accident that could have took their lives, eight months after they wed.

When contacted McCartney would not comment on the story or the investigation.

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