City council members in Ozzy Osbourne's hometown of Birmingham, England, have proposed giving the city's top honor, the Freedom of the City of Birmingham, to the Black Sabbath singer for being the "world’s most famous Brummie."

Members of Birmingham's council, looking to boost musical tourism in the city, also suggested declaring a Black Sabbath Day there, reports The Birmingham Mail. Osbourne was born in Birmingham in 1948, and he in turn formed Black Sabbath there in 1969. Sabbath's classic lineup recently reunited for a new album and tour, although drummer Bill Ward has bowed out due to a contract dispute.

“I studied in Liverpool and they do know how to make the most of their music," says City Council member Bennett. "Yes they have the Beatles but they do like to go on and on about it.

“So I say give Ozzy Osbourne the Freedom of the City. He is the most famous Brummie on the planet. A few years ago he played for the Queen, and if he is good enough for the Queen he is good enough for Birmingham."

So if the Liverpoolians "go on and on" about the Beatles, it's about time the so-called Brummies take some pride in their hometown rock heroes, too. Ozzy is definitely the most famous famous native that we can think, and a Black Sabbath Day is a day we certainly will celebrate. We just wish Bill Ward would be a part of it, too.