After postponing three concerts on their The End tour due to some bad health suffered by Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath will get back on track this Saturday (Feb. 6) in Seattle. The news was broken by Osbourne's wife, Sharon, on The Talk, the long-running CBS daytime show she has co-hosted since its inception in 2010.

"He's doing so much better. He had sinusitis, which went to bronchitis and he said that he felt like he had the Pacific Ocean in his ear," she said. "And he couldn't hear properly. It's been a nightmare."

She added that her husband's illness weighed heavily on him over the past few days. "To have a responsibility of performing with his band Black Sabbath, the crew, the fans, even the opening act -- he just sat at home like this [folds arms] waiting, waiting, waiting. And he feels that huge responsibility. He feels guilty for being sick [...] He will be in Seattle on Saturday. He will be ready to rock."

Black Sabbath had originally only bowed out of two concerts, Jan. 30 in Edmonton, Alberta, and Feb. 1 in Calgary, Alberta. But Osbourne was still not in shape for yesterday's show in Vancouver, British Columbia, forcing its postponement, as well. Sharon said that all the concerts will be rescheduled.

The band have dates scheduled through September. However, it is believed that more dates -- extending into 2017 -- will be announced at some point in the future. They have insisted that this will be their last tour together.

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