The Outlaws' new Legacy Live is out today, and we have an exclusive premiere of the entire double album. You can listen to all of the tracks above.

"The making of Legacy Live was an exciting project to work on because we knew how much the fans would embrace it, and how important it was to give them a new part of the Outlaws' 40 plus year musical legacy," singer and guitarist Henry Paul tells us. "Outlaw fans are very invested in the band's career and they put themselves fully into everything we do. It gives me a personal sense of pride to be a part of providing them something that I knew they would appreciate."

Legacy Live contains many of the group’s best-known songs, including “There Goes Another Love Song,” “Ghost Riders,” “Green Grass & High Tides Forever” and “Freeborn Man,” but it also contains several tracks from their most recent studio effort, 2012’s It’s About Pride. For Paul, it was important to present elements of their entire 40-year history.

"The song selection gave a very diverse look at the band's musical profile and gave some songs a long overdue chance to be heard in a live setting," he notes. "Legacy Live is the result of many inspired performances, hours of hard work in putting it together and it captures a 'Night in the Life' of the Outlaws in 2016."

The title track to It’s About Pride, whose lyric video we recently premiered, is an ode to Southern rock, referencing groups like the Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Marshall Tucker Band. Paul told us that by creating what he called “redneck hippie rock” and infusing it with the imagery of the South, the Outlaws and their contemporaries were able to transcend regional differences.

“It was kind of like cowboys and Indians,” he says. “And the music was significant in its character. It was important in its message: ‘Ramblin’ on My Mind’ by Marshall Tucker or ‘Workin’ for MCA,’ ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ – I mean, right then and there, it was lights out. It was ‘Oh yeah, we are our own people. F— everybody in California. We’re our own musical army of like-minded messengers.’”

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