John Spinks, who provided the ringing guitar riffs to the Outfield's No. 6 1986 hit 'Your Love,' has died after a lengthy battle with liver cancer. He was 60.

"He bravely fought the disease until the very end," the band said in a message to fans via Facebook. "We are relieved that his passing was peaceful and painless."

The Outfield also had Top 40 hits with 'All the Love in the World' in 1986, 'Since You've Been Gone' in 1987 and 'Voices of Babylon' in 1989. The classic-era lineup, which regrouped in 2009, also includes vocalist and bassist Tony Lewis, and drummer Alan Jackson. They released the comeback album 'Replay' in 2011.

"He worked hard with many days in pain to finish the 'Replay' album," the Outfield's statement continues. "There were times when he could barely pick up his guitar, but he refused to give up, knowing he would disappoint fans."

Spinks, Lewis and Jackson continued to work on new material, even as the guitarist's health deteriorated. "What the future holds," the band says, "for this is unclear at the time of this writing."

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