Has the Republican Party's ticket for the 2016 presidential election been captured in this new photograph? Yes... if Ted Nugent's Facebook fans have anything to say about it.

That's where the controversial rock legend posted this picture of he and his wife Shemane alongside former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. "Had a wonderful day with Sarah & Todd Palin at our home on SpiritWild Ranch in TX today," he reported. "Great Americans, great people, great patriots & great warriors on the side of good in this vile culture war against the America haters & subfleebs on the mongrel left."

To be clear, Nugent -- who also presented Palin with a "priceless" custom-made rifle -- gave absolutely no indication the pair were running for political office together. But within a half-hour of the picture going live, 300 people had commented on it, and the majority of those were strongly advocating for a Nugent / Palin-led White House. Oh, and this being the internet, at least one guy shared his opinion that Palin had "nice boobs."

Nugent is a noted conservative who ignited a firestorm in January of 2014 when he referred to President Obama as a "subhuman mongrel." He apologized a month later, but the incident has hardly affected his willingness to share strong opinions on hot-button topics, most recently demonstrated with his thoughts on the Ferguson grand jury verdict.