Noel Gallagher said he regrets walking out on the final Oasis show in 2009, arguing it would have been better if he and brother Liam had taken their dressing-room fight onto the stage with them.

Noel refused to take part in the concert in Paris, and it proved to be the moment that split the band. Since then, the siblings have pursued solo careers, and while the suggestion of a reunion has been raised occasionally, it still appears to be unlikely.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star (via, Noel recalled: “We were getting pissed and fighting, and then [it was] me going, ‘Fuck it, I'm going home. Fuck off!’ With the benefit of time, I don't know whether it would have been better to stay and do the gig … which would have been like a monumental, mad fucking Oasis gig.”

He added that “the fight would have carried on to the stage, maybe not the physical fighting but the verbals between us. ... Sometimes I think, 'I wish I had the memory of that gig.' That would have been the way to go out. But it had to happen.”

Noel Gallagher previously explained he reached a breaking point with Liam over the younger brother’s insistence that his Pretty Green fashion line should be advertised on the tour. “I’d never had enough of Oasis – I’d had enough of him,” the guitarist said. “It started to unravel when he started his clothing label, and he demanded that in the Oasis tour program he be allowed to advertise. And I didn't think it was right for him to be flogging his gear to our fans. There was a massive row about it. It slowly went downhill after that.”


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