Nikki Sixx wants fans to focus on the amazing spectacle that surrounds the new Motley Crue film The End, rather than the times when old friends bicker.

"Motley Crue has always been about passion," he says in a new Facebook post. "We did things our way and ended it, honestly, 'our way.'" He adds that focusing too much on back-stage drama takes away from "the beauty of our last show together," which is the principal focus of the upcoming film.

Still, some fans might be shocked by how brutally honest The End is about where Motley Crue stood on a personal level before their eye-popping farewell show. At one point in the film, Sixx says, "we're not enemies, but we're not friends." At another, their manager admits that "these guys are going in four different directions."

Our earlier review of The End addressed these moments head on, lamenting that they are "a bit depressing for any longtime follower of the band. Then again, if that’s how they really feel it’s at least pretty cool of them to be so honest and open about it, and to work past those feelings to deliver a worthy and thoroughly enjoyable farewell tour (and movie) for their fans."

For his part, Sixx hopes the film will be seen as a celebration of their music and the way it connects with those who've followed Motley Crue from the beginning. "The End is a combination of everybody's hard work, from production people, crews, managers, agents and the band – but the most important aspect is the fans," he said. "There is a whole story here to be told through music and lyrics. Can't wait for it to come out, so we can get back to the music and show."

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