Nikki Sixx wants you to know that everything you read on his Facebook and Twitter accounts was written and posted by Sixx himself. And he thinks all artists should do the same.

In a Facebook post written earlier today, Sixx stresses that he posts all of his own "Facebook,Twitter and Instagram stuff and always have." He notes that "the whole point is to have a relationship with your fans that's more than one dimensional."

I don't agree with artists who have other people always posting for them or posting the same thing across multiple account's….Even though I misspell, I believe fans would rather have a relationship with me than my assistant. I also think its absurd when artists buy followers to make themselves look more popular than they really are. This isn't a popularity contest…Rock n roll was never about being popular, its always been about being real.

Intentional or not, the Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. bassist drives home his point with some grammatical errors in the above post.

Sixx recently chimed in on the Spotify controversy, writing on Facebook about streaming music's "one-sided business model" that hurts artists. It's a passionate post that attempts to clarify some of the confusing ins and outs of how streaming music services affect artists. But it also features misplaced apostrophes and other grammar no-nos that Internet trolls love to jump on. Sixx's recent post most likely stemmed from online reaction to this.

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