Nikki Sixx thanked fans for their words of support following the June 8 death of his mother Deana Richards. Sixx shared the news via Twitter early Sunday morning. Details of her passing have not been made available.

In a note on his Facebook page the Motley Crue bassist also laments not taking the time to repair their relationship before she died at the age of 74. In addition to his fans, Sixx also says he has found comfort in the words of his 12-year-old daughter:

Thank you for all the supportive posts here and on Twitter about the passing of my Mom. Her and my grandfather Tom's recent passing is a gentle reminder of how fragile time is and a not so gentle sledgehammer to the heart that non (sic) of us get out of this life alive. If your wasting time procrastinating on anything trust me when I say "You'll be sorry".

I waited too long after a rocky road with my mother to try and rebuild the broken fence's. (sic) You can never get time back. We all make mistakes and that was mine.....Again, thank you because it reminds me reading your posts how much we're all alike…….

Motley Crue has just six shows remaining on their schedule before their residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas begins in September. The next scheduled show is July 18 in Minnesota.

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