Motley Crue have added two new tour dates to their upcoming upcoming residency at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Before kicking off their 12-night stint at the Joint, which runs from Sept. 18 through Oct. 6, the band will perform two shows in Oklahoma: Sept. 12 at Choctaw Casino in Durant and Sept. 14 at Buffalo Run Casino in Miami. Both dates are general admission, but the band is offering fans the opportunity to purchase three different levels of VIP packages: the Livewire, the Wildside and the Kickstart My Heart Diamond Meet and Greet. There's more info on their website.

But until the Crue get back to business, Nikki Sixx, the band's bassist, will be making the most of his downtime months, though his recent social-media comments indicate that he may well need a vacation to recover from his vacation.

On June 5, Sixx made the following all-caps declaration to his Twitter followers: "REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ALL SUMMER. #NoTours #ReCharge #GetCreative #WriteMusic #Sleep."

A few minutes later, he expanded on his Twitter comments on Facebook: "Don't get me wrong, I love being in a band, but we've been touring so much for the past few years, I just am over it. I can't be 100% creative when I am being rattled around in a bus month after month, constantly being interrupted 20 times a day, then add on the 1000's of miles of road between the 90-minute sets when you get to really do what you love: play music. I will never take what I do for granted, and I'm not complaining as much as saying 'F--K, YEAH' to having this summer off to just be me and write music ... P.S. For my vacation, I still do photography, I am recording with Sixx:A.M., I am working on the 'Heroin Diaries' Broadway play, the 'Dirt' movie, and do my daily radio show ... Damn, maybe I actually need a real vacation ... HA HA."

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