A little over a year after they stormed Las Vegas with the city's first-ever hard rock residency, the guys in Motley Crue have announced that they're ready to come back for more.

As Vince Neil hinted last summer, the band's new slate of shows will bring them back to the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where they played out their 12-date residency last year. As he put it during that interview, "Every night sold out. We’d have 4,000 people every night ... There’s just so much to do here if you’re a rock fan."

“We are proud to have pioneered the Las Vegas rock residency last year and can’t wait to come back this year to take it over the top with a brand new show that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen Mötley Crüe do before,” bassist Nikki Sixx said via press release.

News of the new residency was broken, somewhat bizarrely, by former 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous' host Robin Leach, whose Twitter account made the announcement Monday (April 1). "Motley Crue returns for Hard Rock residency Sept 18 Oct 6 Look for trashed hotel room theme and a dangerous set. whole new show production," Leach tweeted, adding, "#MotleyCrue show will be confirmed tomorrow with tickets going on sale this Friday. Not April 1 joke but still exclusive." (Those were followed by a re-tweet of something Englebert Humperdinck said. Viva Las Vegas!)

Attendees can presumably expect a fresh twist on the visual dazzle that the Crue applied to its first Vegas run, which Blabbermouth notes included Neil wearing an "illuminated poker-hand belt buckle" as well as "rogue carnival-styled seat ushers — and showgirl dancers, female aerialists, little people, macabre clowns and stilt walkers."

Tickets for the residency will go on sale Friday, April 5. Visit Motley Crue's website for more information.

Motley Crue 2013 Las Vegas Residency Dates

9/18 - 22: The Joint, Las Vegas, Nev.
9/25 - 29: The Joint, Las Vegas, Nev.
10/2 - 6: The Joint, Las Vegas, Nev.

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