Tom Hanks has starred in countless award-winning and box-office busting Hollywood films, and if a movie studio ever decides to make a movie about the life of Rush drummer Neil Peart, they'd be wise to call him cause he wouldn't need much in the way of makeup to look the part.

Peart has starred on Rush songs like 'The Twilight Zone,' 'The Necromancer' and 'Manhattan Project' which also happen to be names of movies, although that part is probably pure coincidence. We won't even mention that Rush's all-time best-selling album is titled 'Moving Pictures.'

And yet none of that has to do with why these two men are on here, as we mentioned,  the reason is because they look a hell of a lot like each other. It's kind of scary. Honestly, without Tom Hanks' picture sitting right next to Peart's to cloud your judgement, we would have sworn that were looking at Tom Hanks. Go ahead and cover Tom's face up with your hand and then tell me the face now left doesn't look like that of a two-time Oscar winner?

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