Journey guitarist Neal Schon has revealed a May release date for his next solo outing, a double-disc instrumental collaboration with Jan Hammer titled Vortex.

Schon made the announcement on Journey's Facebook page, previewing the album artwork while reminding fans that the record features contributions from Hammer as well as drummer Steve Smith and keyboard player Igor Len. In response to one fan who vowed to download it the day it comes out, he wrote, "Better to buy a physical copy, as there will be 35 page booklet."

This post comes several months after Schon offered a brief peek at the work in progress, giving fans their first taste of an album that, as he told us last year, "leaves chips on the ceiling." You can hear what seems to be a more extended preview above, courtesy of Schon's record label, Frontiers.

"You can tell it's a live performance-type record when you listen to it," Schon promised the Huffington Post last year. "As soon as I heard it I said, 'I'm going to love playing this stuff live,' and I will do that. There's some stuff on here that's really on the ceiling. I think it's going to twist a lot of heads when this comes out, just from the performances. Everybody's on top of their game on this record. There are no vocals, it's just instrumental. Right now, I have 85 minutes worth of music, so it's a double CD."

Vortex arrives during a typically busy touring season for Schon, who will have to work around a spring and summer full of Journey dates — including the band's upcoming Las Vegas residency — if he wants to take the new solo material on the road. This album arrives roughly a year after Schon's most recent solo effort, So U.

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