Journey guitarist Neal Schon proposed to his girlfriend Michaele Salahi on stage during the band's benefit concert in Baltimore, Md. last night (Oct. 14). The former reality show star tearfully and joyfully agreed to be his wife.

The happy couple made national headlines last fall when Salahi's at-the-time husband reported her as kidnapped, only to find out (along with and in front of the whole world) that she had instead fallen madly in love with a rock star, and left him to join Schon on tour.

Since then, the former 'Real Housewives of D.C.' got divorced and her relationship with the guitar legend bloomed. The couple defended themselves against a multi-million dollar lawsuit from the ex, appeared in an eyebrow-raising Valentine's Day Journey video together, and generally seem as happy as high school sweethearts. (If we were their parents, we'd be checking them for hickeys after every date.)

This being 2012, the whole proposal was captured on video by multiple concert goers, giving us all the chance to watch the honestly sweet moment as a man who has performed in front of literally millions of people night after night temporarily can't remember how to get on one knee, or speak without his voice breaking as he proposes to his beloved. Congratulations!

Watch Neal Schon Propose to Michaele Salahi

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