Journey have a very special and very awesome Valentine's Day present for fans in the form of the new video for their song 'Resonate' -- that is, if said fans have any interest in watching footage of Neal Schon making out with girlfriend Michaele Salahi while she's sprawled out half-naked on the beach.

If said fans don't feel like checking out some almost-NSFW canoodling clips featuring the guitarist and the former 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' star -- and they very well may not -- they may want to skip this one. (The pair's rekindled and very public romance made a lot of news headlines last year.)

That said, the video for 'Resonate' -- the third single off their latest album, last year's 'Eclipse' -- does feature plenty of killer live Journey footage. "Filmed in Seattle and Los Angeles, the video captures some of our favorite live moments during the Eclipse Tour," reads a post on the band's website accompanying the clip. "Enjoy."

As for the song itself, Schon says he asked keyboardist Jonathan Cain to look back at some of the band's classic tracks for inspiration when penning it. "Jon, y'know, he had brought in some ballads and they were good, but I felt that we had other stuff that was more relevant for this record," he said.

"And I said, 'Y'know, you wrote 'Separate Ways,' man, with [StevePerry,' I said, 'Go grab one of those. I know you have one of those sitting somewhere,'" he adds. "And so 'Resonate' he brought in and I went, 'That's frickin' great!' Y'know, I love that."

So while fans may not love the make-out footage, there's much more to love about the 'Resonate' video -- from the live footage to the song inspired by classic Journey. And if that's not a special Valentine's Day treat for fans, we don't know what is.

Watch Journey's [Semi-NSFW] Video for 'Resonate'

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