Heart fans disappointed that the band is on hiatus this year have a kindred spirit in Nancy Wilson, who's made it clear that the group's current downtime wasn't necessarily her first choice.

Speaking with Billboard about her new Roadcase Royale project, Wilson said she wanted to schedule a "summer of Heart" this year, but her sister and longtime creative partner, Ann Wilson, "wanted to put her feet into some other areas that were not Heart areas."

As Billboard notes, Ann's current solo obligations may not be the only reason for the sisters' divergent paths at the moment — there's also the matter of the assault charges leveled against Ann's husband after an incident involving Nancy's teenage sons. Admitting that it's "scarring for everyone involved," Nancy offered a diplomatic assessment of the group's future.

"Time is the healer," she pointed out. "I'm just wishing and hoping for the best. The thing to do is go forward, and be positive and stay as affirmative about everything as possible."

In the meantime, as Nancy told Eddie Trunk, she remains excited about Roadcase Royale — which shares a stronger pedigree with Heart than some might realize. "The last lineup [Heart] went out with was just the most satisfying, kickass lineup of musicians I've ever played with," she enthused. "Half of them are still in Roadcase Royale right now — so I'm happy with this band and I hope to be faced with the challenge of figuring out what Heart's gonna do next. ... I want it to be there, like the fans do, and I apologize to the fans if there's a lot of confusion for a little bit right now. I can't even answer. Let's keep our fingers crossed."

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