The Moving Sidewalks, a psychedelic blues-rock band from Texas that lasted from 1967-69, will release its entire catalog on a new two-LP set called 'The Complete Collection.' The group is most notable for featuring the recorded debut of ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons.

Originally formed as the Coachmen, the Moving Sidewalks became a fixture in their native Houston. The local success of the single '99th Floor' led to them being signed to Wand Records.  In 1967, they released the single 'Need Me,' which further bolstered their reputation and led to opening slots for Jimi Hendrix and the Doors. Hendrix would later famously praise the then-unknown Gibbons as one of the best guitarists in the country.

The group recorded one album, 'Flash' in 1968 before being forced to call it quits when bassist Don Summers and keyboardist Tom Moore got drafted. Soon thereafter, Gibbons and drummer Dan Mitchell formed ZZ Top with keyboardist Lanier Grieg. By February 1970 they had been replaced by Frank Beard and Dusty Hill. You know the rest.

'The Complete Collection,' which will be released on Sept. 25, brings together 'Flash' with a second platter of non-LP singles, including '99th Floor' and 'Need Me,' and unreleased tracks, which include a take on the Beatles' 'I Want to Hold Your Hand.' The set is available from MusicDirect for $29.99.

Moving Sidewalks, 'The Complete Collection' Track Listing

LP One

1. 'Flashback'
2. 'Scoun Da Be'
3. 'You Make Me Shake'
4. 'You Don't Know The Life'
5. 'Pluto-Sept. 31st'
6. 'No Good To Cry'
7. 'Crimson Witch'
8. 'Joe Blues'
9. 'Eclipse'
10. 'Reclipse'

LP Two

1. '99th Floor'
2. 'What Are You Going To Do'
3. 'What Are You Going To Do'
4. 'Need Me'
5. 'Every Night A New Surprise' (Ames)
6. 'Every Night A New Surprise' (Ames)
7. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'
8. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'
9. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'
10. 'Stay Away'
11. 'Stay Away'
12. 'Headin’ Out'
13. Billy Gibbons & The Fanatics
14. '99th Floor' - The Coachmen (featuring Billy Gibbons)
15. 'Stay Away' - The Coachmen (featuring Billy Gibbons)
16. '99th Floor' - The Coachmen (featuring Billy Gibbons)

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