For the second consecutive night, Motorhead were forced to call off a concert due to guitarist Phil Campbell's illness. They did not perform their show at the Sporthalle in Berlin tonight (Nov. 28).

Earlier today, the band tweeted, "Hamburg show is off today, rescheduled to December 9 at Sporthalle. See you all there. Thank you for all the well wishes for @MotorheadPhil."

Campbell was admitted to a hospital yesterday, which forced the cancellation of last night's appearance at the Max Schmeling Halle in Hamburg. There has been no official word on why Campbell is in the hospital, nor is there any status on the Nov. 30 show in Denmark.

This has been a difficult year for Motorhead. In addition to these two concerts, which are taking place towards the end of their European tour, their date in Paris coincided with the terrorist attacks that shut down the city and they were left with no option but to cancel. Lemmy responded by referring to the terrorists as "a--holes" and "cowards." They missed or cut short six shows in September due to a lung infection suffered by Lemmy, the latest in a series of health woes for the frontman that have forced them off the road in recent years. In June 2013 he suffered a hematoma and was fitted for a defibrilator. His recovery took a bit longer than expected, and an entire European tour was shelved.

On top of that, Phil "Philty Animal" Taylor, their drummer from 1975-84 and 1987-92, died of liver failure on November 11 at the age of 61.

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