Nikki Sixx sure is a rabble rouser lately. The Motley Crue bassist, who dove into a crowd last weekend to accost a fan recording the Crue's set with professional grade equipment, once again addressed his seemingly ongoing beef with radio rockers Godsmack. This time, Sixx touched on the matter in the digital space.

A fan asked why Godsmack have a problem with the Crue via Twitter, to which Sixx responded: "THE SINGER IS UPSET THERE HEADLINING LETTER OPENINGS. I GOT NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. HAHHHA" Headlining letter openings? Oh, it's a sucker-punch joke. In 140 characters. We got it, Nikki! It just took a second to sink in.

The bad blood between the bands dates back to Crue Fest 2, where Sixx and Godsmack singer Sully Erna engaged in a bit of a feud over how Godsmack were being treated on the tour, and neither was shy about bitching about the other in the press. Sixx recalled, "Every person — from road crew, fans and even all the bands on the tour (including [Sully's] band) — was so happy, but [Erna] just seems to be crying like a bitch," Sixx replied. "Funny, even his manager told me he's an a---hole. Maybe the problem is just in HIS head... I got no problem with him."

Erna revealed during a webisode that his band's hit single 'Cryin' Like a Bitch' was actually inspired by incidents that took place during Crue Fest 2. "There's definitely been some rock star garbage on this tour that we just have never seen in our career," Erna said at the time. "This was the first time that I felt like, 'You know what?! If there's gonna be some people that are gonna treat other people a certain way, then I'm gonna go out there every night and make sure that we make you look old and fat, and go home with a nice big fat paycheck."

The lyrics of 'Cryin' Like a Bitch' certainly would appear to be inspired by the rivalry between Sixx and Erna, which is not necessarily between the Crue and Godsmack. Erna sings, "Strut on by like a king / Telling everybody they know nothing / Long lived what you thought you were / Time ain't on your side anymore," which looks like a thinly veiled reference to the Crue's former heyday.

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