A note of caution: Do not attempt to videotape Motley Crue with professional recording equipment while they are performing live. Why? Because bassist Nikki Sixx might just taking a flying leap into the crowd in order to try and stop you. Leave it to Sixx to enact a little rock 'n' roll vigilante justice.

The Day Tripper reports that Sixx flew into the crowd on Saturday, July 30 during the band's headlining set at the Outlaw Jam held at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Frederick, Maryland. Sixx was reeeaalllly annoyed by a fan filming the concert with a large, professional quality camera and took matters into his own hands, instead of, you know, calling for security to handle the problem. The fracas reportedly took place in between the band's performance of the newer song 'Saints of Los Angeles' and the classic anthem 'Live Wire.'

The Crue halted their set when security eventually entered the fray, yanking Sixx out of the crowd by his arms, according to an eyewitness, and helping him back to his rightful place on stage.

The fan and his camera were summarily tossed out. It begs one question, though. How the hell did the fan get a big, pro camera into the festival grounds in the first place?

However, the fan that inspired Sixx to leap into the mob of fans wasn't the only one doing some filming. Another fan filmed footage of the crowd diving incident, which you can watch below.

Watch Nikki Sixx Dive Into the Crowd at Outlaw Jam.