Motley Crue delivered a six-song set at the NFL Draft show in Kansas City on Friday.

The delayed performance featured a series of classics performed with the assistance of dancers who also provided backing vocals. The show moved to the memorial fountain across from the main stage at the city's Union Station for ”Home Sweet Home” before returning for a finale featuring the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders.

"How many oldies we got out there?" Vince Neil asked the crowd at one point. "We got four oldies up here too!"

For an unannounced technical reason, the first two minutes and 18 seconds of the set were broadcast without sound. The video and set list can be seen in full below, and the official NFL stream is available on Facebook.

The band will kick off a six-week long tour of Europe alongside Def Leppard on May 22 in Sheffield, U.K. Before that, they are heading back to the studio to complete work on a batch of new songs they've been working on with producer Bob Rock.

Earlier this month, Nikki Sixx told Planet Rock that the addition of guitarist John 5 has re-energized the group, which has not released a new studio album since 2008's Saints of Los Angeles. "It’s nothing against any other musician that you play with, just that when you play with new musicians you play differently,” he explained. “We’re still playing the same songs that people wanna hear, but it kind of like re-inspires you. And I’m sure the same thing would happen if they got a new bass player."

Motley Crue has not specified if the new songs will be released as an album or in some other way. It would be their first music released without estranged founding guitarist Mick Mars, with whom the band is currently embroiled in a nasty war of words.

"[We] pretty much wrapped up most of the songs so it's all vocals from here on out," Sixx wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. "These songs are personal. You'll understand more later.” He later added: “Listening to rough mixes. Loving these new songs. So heavy.”

Motley Crue, 4/28/23, NFL Draft Show, Kansas City
1. “Wild Side”
2. “Primal Scream”
3. “Live Wire”
4. “Home Sweet Home”
5. “Girls, Girls, Girls”
6. “Kickstart My Heart”

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