Motley Crue always knew how to sell themselves, as the dozens of magazine ads collected below demonstrate.

For well over three decades, the group stood apart from (and almost always ahead of) their hard-rock peers by continually re-inventing their image, repeatedly changing their look long before their fans had gotten even the littlest bit tired of the previous one. For example, each and every one of their nine studio albums features a brand-new logo: Can you imagine Kiss or Iron Maiden ever trying that?

“We loved the idea of when people said ‘no’ to something, trying to figure out a way to do it," Nikki Sixx told the Stranger in 2017, "whether it was our stage productions, our albums, or even changing our logo every time.”

We've scoured the internet to find vintage advertisements from all of those studio efforts, as well as promotional materials from Motley Crue's various greatest hits albums, box sets, live albums and home videos. You'll also find magazine ads from the solo projects of band members Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and John Corabi.

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