Motley Crue have been around the block a time or ten, but guitarist Mick Mars says he has no intention of slowing down any time soon. In an interview with the Miami New Times, the 61-year-old musician vows to keep playing until the day he dies.

The group's new single is called 'Sex,' and it's a return to the sleazy riffing that was once Motley Crue's trademark. Asked if the band plans to release future singles titled 'Drugs' and 'Rock 'n' Roll,' the guitarist laughs. "Right now, we're out on tour. But after we're done with the road, there's bound to be a bunch of things headed in that direction, like 'Girls' and 'Feelgood'... we'll be getting back to the good old rock days."

Mars admits that sex changes with age, but adds, "Lots of things change. One doesn't . . . I'm still no gentleman. I'm still as big an a--hole as ever. Lewd and aggressive." Apart from that, Mars says he no longer drinks or uses drugs, and that makes him a better musician. "I don't have many vices, except playing my guitar too much," he relates with a laugh. "I guess I'm kind of a boring guy these days. But that's how I'm gonna keep going with Motley Crue as long as I can."

The guitarist says he knows he can't tour forever, but he expects to remain involved with music, whether it's writing and playing for TV and movies, producing young bands or something else. "But one way or another, I'll keep rockin' till I fall down. Definitely."

Motley Crue are currently on tour with Kiss.

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