The triple guitar attack of Jacksonville’s Molly Hatchet takes our Top 100 Classic Rock Songs list on the ultimate search and destroy mission, challenging the eardrum health of rock music fans everywhere via ‘Flirtin’ With Disaster.’

Like a flash flood of boulders tumbling down a mountain, ‘Flirtin’’ storms the castle with big, burly bad-ass Danny Joe Brown at the helm, manipulating the musical landscape with his distinctively boisterous lead vocals, which to this day are instantly identifiable.

‘Flirtin’ With Disaster’ is a road song in the tradition of similar great songs of its ilk, telling the tale of living fast, living hard and flying way too close to the edge. Out of money? Check. Corruption? Check. Feeling like perhaps a change of course might be a good idea? Check.

Brown and the Hatchet cover it all at a blistering pace and sadly, the story seems to foreshadow Brown’s own health problems, which would force him to depart the group in 1980.

Although he would return to the Molly Hatchet lineup, further health issues caused him to leave again prior to his sad passing in 2005. A revised version of Molly Hatchet continues to make music today, with their most recent album, 2010's ‘Justice,’ proving that they’re still a force to be reckoned with.

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Watch Molly Hatchet Perform 'Flirtin' With Disaster'

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