Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is a hero to many, but movie audiences will get to follow the journey of one fan's journey to meet his musical idol in the upcoming documentary, 'Mission To Lars.'

The film centers on Tom Spicer, a learning-disabled man, who with the help of his siblings, embarks on a mission to track down the drummer for a meeting. In the process, the Spicer siblings bond with their brother who suffers from Fragile X Syndrome, a form of autism.

The film, made by William Spicer and James Moore, was made with the goal of entertaining, raising awareness for Fragile X, and fund raising. All proceeds from the film are going to Mencap.

Ulrich himself, though not directly involved with the movie, has given it his approval. He told NME, "I thought it was deeply moving. I haven't seen the whole thing, but I saw a rough cut last summer. Meeting Tom, meeting Kate, when they came out to film it was an experience in itself. But seeing the film last year and reconnecting with the whole team was another experience … It's their film, their journey, but we're supportive of their endeavor. We don't want to take it over and have it turn into some kind of vanity project. It's a great testament into a world I didn't know much about, and a great testament to the importance of music and what it means to different people."

The movie premieres June 6 at the Hackney Picturehouse in London with a question-and-answer session with the film's directors held afterward. The film will expand to other Picturehouse Theaters in the U.K. after the premiere.

Watch the Trailer for 'Mission To Lars'

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