Mick Jagger's new supergroup, Superheavy, previewed tracks off their upcoming debut album at a listening party/Q&A session on Thursday (June 30) in Los Angeles.

Jagger, who appeared with his bandmates Dave Stewart, Damian Marley, Joss Stone and A.R. Rahman, told the attendees that the group formed the songs out of "ideas, a few guitar riffs and a few snippets of lyrics."

"It's not my usual sort of way of working," explained Jagger, reports Billboard. "You always want to leave some room for improvisation, but you need to have something, some songs, when you walk into the studio. It evolved very quickly. We sat around with our little [writing] pads. We did do a lot of jams but it's all coherent and arranged. We just wrote them quickly."

A video for the first single, 'Miracle Worker,' was filmed earlier this week. The song will be available on iTunes beginning July 7, while the album is set for release on Sept. 20. 'Miracle Worker' is said to have a reggae vibe.

Other songs on the album include a Rolling Stones-like number, 'You're Never Gonna Change,' and a track called 'Energy' that features rapped verses by Marley.

Check Out a Brief Video Introduction to Superheavy

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