'Wild' Mick Brown's arrest after leading police on a drunken golf-cart chase was one of the most amusing stories from summer 2012. Now that his trial is out of the way, the Ted Nugent and Dokken drummer is telling his side of the story.

Brown opened up about the incident during a recent interview with BackstageAxxess, explaining that, for him, golf-cart joyrides are simply part of the rock-star experience. "I love riding around on these things," he said. "The bass player and I do it a lot -- we get drunk and we drive around. It’s a lot of fun. Whenever I see a key in one, we hop in and go. It was nothing out of the ordinary."

But in this particular case, Brown met up with a little extra company -- and some unexpected resistance from the venue's security. "So this day I happened to do it, and there were some girls I knew in the audience," he explained. "I went and got them. We were riding around, everyone was having a fun time, then I came to an area where the security guy didn’t really want me to go."

After suggesting that the guard perform a particular service on his genitals, Brown drove off and the rest is history. (As he put it, "I got tackled, shackled, the whole thing.") Even though he had to pay a hefty fine, which could have bought him a couple of golf carts of his own, Brown still seems fairly amused by the whole thing. "To me, it seemed kinda funny," he said. "Everybody took it pretty serious. I’d never been in big trouble -- I didn’t know if this was big trouble."

It was certainly pretty mild, as far as Nugent was concerned. As Brown recalled, "Ted was the most understanding. He said, ‘Listen, your head’s going to spin because this went worldwide. When I say something about the president and the Secret Service shows up, look at the flak you get for something I said. Now I’m going to have to answer for you for the next three days. Better you than me!’"

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