OK, at this point we all know about the absolutely terrible reviews rolling in for the Lou Reed & Metallica joint 'Lulu.' Reed even said Metallica fans are threatening to shoot him over the album. But for a truly objective, carefully reasoned and expertly delivered critique of the disc, we turn to a true cultural zeitgeist: NONONONO Cat.

Who the hell is NONONONO Cat? Just some freaked out feline that became instantly famous when it was featured in a YouTube video which quickly went viral, spawning the inevitable wave of remix clips, mash-up clips, etc. You see, NONONONO Cat unleashes a steady, disconcerting stream of "nonononos" at everything that crosses its path, from Amy Winehouse videos (NONONONO Cat doesn't want to go to rehab either) to 9/11 news footage (apparently it's a conspiracy theorist).

Which brings us to 'Lulu.' No surprisingly, NONONONO Cat is not a big fan of album, and when presented with first single 'The View' reacts accordingly (OK, so it's really a mash-up of the original NONONONO Cat video and 'The View,' but that's not important).

NONONONO Cat Presents Its Review of the "Loutallica" Track 'The View':

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