Metallica is going green. No, Kirk Hammett hasn't suddenly discovered recyclable guitar picks. The rock gods have released their classic 1988 album, '...And Justice For All' on limited edition green vinyl.

Available Thursday, June 23rd, at 1pm, the deluxe release is limited to a strict 1,000 copies. (500 copies will be sold to members of The Metallica club over on, while an additional 500 are available on

Fans of 'Justice' remember it as the album where Jason Newsted replaced the late Cliff Burton as the band's bassist.  As Hammett revealed to 'Decibel' in 2008, Newsted's bass tone interfered with what James Hetfield was going for on rhythm guitar, and had to be toned down in the mix. Thus, it is the one Metallica album with virtually no bass. Many also recall that this record ushered Metallica into the MTV age with the classic, creepy video for 'One.'

With gorgeously reproduced cover artwork, the four-LP, 45 rpm, 180-gram, '...And Justice For All' vinyl box set is a must-have for fans of one of the best-selling metal albums of all time.

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