Metallica performed songs from their first two albums on Sunday night at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Fla. The performance was dedicated to Jonny and Marsha Zazula, two central figures of the metal scene who were among the first to hear Metallica's demo tape, No Life 'Til Leather, and who played a significant role in helping to get 1983's Kill 'Em All and 1984's Ride the Lightning released.

"I basically said, 'What the fuck?'" Jonny Zazula later recalled in his 2019 autobiography, writing about his first impressions of the demo.

"It was just so amazing. I stood there stunned." Determined to launch the band but unable to land a deal with an existing label, the Zazulas took it upon themselves to start a new one: Megaforce Records.

Marsha died in January 2021, followed by Jonny in February 2022.

Watch Metallica Perform 'Creeping Death' in November 2022

"Thank you for coming to help us celebrate heavy music and the life of the Zazula family who made this all possible," James Hetfield said before the opening band, Raven, took the stage. "They dedicated their lives to something exactly like this ... live music, bringing music to the people, so we're super grateful to be hosting this thing and getting you all together to join in with us."

You can see the set list, as well as some performances, below.

Watch Metallica Perform 'Blitzkrieg' and 'Hit the Lights' in November 2022

Following Raven's set, radio host and onetime Megaforce vice president Eddie Trunk offered some of his memories of working with Metallica and then introduced Jonny and Marsha's daughters Blaire, Danielle and Rikki. Each member of Metallica then shared a few words about the Zazulas via prerecorded videos. Clips of Jonny and Marsha, talking about their memories of working with Metallica in the early years, were also played throughout the show.

"We're here celebrating all things Jon and Marsha Zazula," drummer Lars Ulrich said at one point. "Jon and Marsha Zazula are the reason Metallica exists today and the reason Metallica is still going 40 years strong and this music is still connecting with all of you people out there."

Metallica, Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Fla., Nov. 6, 2022
1. "Creeping Death"
2. "Ride the Lightning"
3. "Motorbreath"
4. "No Remorse"
5. "Trapped Under Ice"
6. "The Call of Ktulu"
7. "Phantom Lord"
8. "Am I Evil?"
9. "Metal Militia"
10. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
11. "Whiplash"
12. "Fade to Black"
13. "Seek & Destroy"
14. "Fight Fire With Fire"
15. "Blitzkrieg"
16. "Hit the Lights"

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