A couple weeks ago, Metallica said they would release videos for every single song on their new Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct album. Are you ready for this? For the next day, they're putting them out every two hours until all 12 tracks are available.

The first three clips -- "Hardwired," "Moth Into Flame" and "Atlas, Rise!" -- came out in the weeks leading up to the album's release on Friday. You can watch all the videos below in the order in which they appear on the album, or check them out at the band's website.

The new videos started to unveil at noon today (with "Dream No More") and will continue through midnight New Zealand time, when copies of Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct will be available. You can see the full release schedule below, and we'll keep updating this page as new videos are released.

Metallica have lined up some past collaborators, in addition to some new faces, for the videos. For example, "ManUNkind" Jonas Åkerlund directed "Turn the Page" and "Whiskey in the Jar." Other directors include Herring and Herring, Colin Hakes, Clark Eddy, Tom Kirk, Claire Marie Vogel, Jessica Cope, Rob Valley, Phil Mucci and Brett Murray, the band's personal videographer. You can see who directed what in the descriptions below.

Wednesday, November 16
12p EST - "Dream No More" (Directed by Tom Kirk) - Gshow Globo, Brazil
2p EST - "Confusion" (Directed by Claire Marie Vogel) - Rolling Stone, USA
4p EST - "ManUNkind" (Directed by Jonas Åkerlund) - Bravewords, Canada
6p EST - "Now That We're Dead" (Directed by Herring & Herring) - Pitchfork, USA
8p EST - "Here Comes Revenge" (Directed by Jessica Cope) - Triple M, Australia
10p EST - "Am I Savage" (Directed by Herring & Herring) - Ro69.JP (Rockin' On), Japan

Thursday, November 17
12a EST - "Halo On Fire" (Directed by Herring & Herring) - BiLD / Metal Hammer, Germany
2a EST - "Murder One" (Directed by Robert Valley) - Le Parisian, France
4a EST - "Spit Out The Bone" (Directed by Phil Mucci) - NME, England
6a EST - "Lords of Summer" (Directed by Brett Murray) - Aftonbladet, Sweden

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