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The X Games are celebrating their 20th anniversary with some very special guests: Metallica. The annual extreme-sports competition has booked the band as a headliner of its event in Austin next month.

The band announced the news on its website: "We're excited to ... headline the new Super Stage at X Games in Austin on June 6 at the Circuit of the Americas. Being a part of the X Games will be a first for us, as the premier action sports event celebrates 20 years of presenting the world leaders in extreme sports, including BMX, skateboard, MotoX, RallyCar racing and more. And we can't wait to see what these amazing athletes can do!"

The show will also mark Metallica's first performance in Austin since 2009.

For bassist Robert Trujillo, it's a match made in heaven. As he tells Rolling Stone, "It always seemed like the skaters and the surfers were really connected to the music of Metallica. The style and the way that I play, low center of gravity, has a lot to do with skating and surfing and even snowboarding. It’s kind of a natural thing for me. Fans are great everywhere."

Trujillo adds, "There’s a connection to those type of people. It's similar energy. You see at these events they're playing a lot of hard rock metal and punk rock. The tribe that followed that style of music is still around for the sports. These guys are listening to that music. It's important to them. It's a part of their lineage. I'm excited. One of the things I enjoy is hearing the music and seeing the skating. Seeing the two worlds working together at the same time."

Ticket information can be found at the X Games' website. Nicki Minaj will also perform as a headliner during this year's X Games.

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