The Marshall Tucker Band have headed overseas to Iraq and Kuwait to entertain and celebrate with the U.S. troops. Doug Gray, the band's lead singer, founding member and Vietnam veteran, knows what a treat it is for the troops to hear live music, but considers the tour even more rewarding for him and the band.

"We are really happy to be playing for the troops," Gray tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "A couple of us have been in the service before, back in Vietnam. I feel that we need to go back and give a little help, and I think the timing is finally right. It's a treat for me. I was in Vietnam for 13 months and I got to see Bob Hope twice, and he was a legendary entertainer. I got to see a lot of really talented people come through to entertain the troops."

"This will be a very special time for us," Gray continues. "There are two things that happen to you in the military: you get lonely and you miss holidays or birthdays ... things like that. If we can bring them a little bit of excitement through playing for them, that's why we're going and will have some fun."

In addition to performing of their classic hits like 'Can't You See,' 'Heard It in a Love Song,' and 'Fire on the Mountain,' the Marshall Tucker Band will also treat the troops to never-before heard tunes from Gray's solo record, 'Soul of the South.' The solo album, containing eight tunes recorded 30 years ago, hit stores last month, along with the band's 'Greatest Hits' package, honoring their 40th anniversary of their formation.

Stay tuned to Ultimate Classic Rock for our exclusive interview with Doug Gray about the past 40 years.

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